Universal Studios, Singapore


Our next stop was Singapore! I was looking forward so much to visiting Singapore, I had high expectations and we had so much planned to do! We had 3 days in Singapore and I would highly recommend staying a week! There is just so much to see and do!


Our first full day in Singapore we visited Universal Studios, the only theme park I’ve visited is a very small one in Auckland, New Zealand, so I was really looking forward to this! After reading so many reviews saying its not as good as other Universal Studios, I felt prepared to be let down but for me it was so much fun, so many rides and they didn’t disappoint! We arrived around 10am and all the lines for the roller coasters for 80-90 minutes long, I wasn’t prepared to wait that long in the heat, so we went and found the shortest lines and went on those rides first. Around 1pm we were overheating, so we decided so to get some lunch, we found Chili’s, an American restaurant that we love, so we were stoked for that. After a long lunch we went back and found the roller coasters had much shorter lines of 5mins! So if you are visiting and the lines are long in the morning I highly recommend coming back in the afternoon. All the lines were much shorter in the afternoon, all except the Jurassic park water ride, which we waited 60mins for, but it was well worth the wait!


The roller coasters at Universal Studios, Singapore
Shreks Castle



New York Library

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