My Favourite parks in Auckland

I grew up on a farm, so moving to a city with tiny back yards and no view from my bedroom window was going to be hard. I quickly found my happy place which luckily was quick 5 minute walk from my flat.


Cornwall park and One Tree Hill has all you can want in a inner city park. Wide open spaces, farm animals, cafes and at the top of One Tree Hill, views across all of Auckland including Rangitoto Island.

This park is highly popular for evening walks and full of Saturday morning joggers, I think best of all you, it’s dog friendly. If you don’t feel like walking up One Tree Hill you can still drive up for some of the best views in Auckland.

image2 (3)

My second favourite park is Shakespear Regional Park, which is an hours drive from Auckland City, and the views make it well worth the drive!


Shakespear Regional Park is a pest free park which means its a safe home for native wildlife, and of course it wouldn’t be a New Zealand park without plenty of sheep! There is so much to do at this park, fantastic walks, camping, beaches and bush land. This would be the perfect spot for a weekend camping trip.

image1 (2)


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