Phi Phi Islands

We took a day trip out to the Phi Phi Islands by speed boat. We got to see a few different islands before the weather turned on us and we had to take a detour. We did manage to see Monkey beach, but our tour guides didn’t want to stop as, in his words “Monkeys have rabies and we don’t want to make a detour to hospital”. Fair call as they looked a bit vicious. We also visited Maya bay which was beautiful! Over crowded, but what isn’t in Thailand. We did some snorkeling off the boat and had a lovely lunch at Phi Phi Don.

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Resorts in Phuket

Next stop on our trip was Phuket, where we stayed at the Avista Hideaway Resort in Patong. This place was beautiful, we got upgraded to a Jacuzzi Suite, which obviously had a nice big Jacuzzi outside on the porch. This place had the best service I’ve ever experienced, every staff member went the extra mile for us. It was perfectly located a 5 minute drive from Patong beach, close enough to visit when we wanted but far enough away from the hustle and bustle.

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Learning to cook in Chiang Mai

We visited the Asia Scenic Cooking School in Chiang Mai to learn how to cook authentic Thai food. I wasn’t a huge Thai food fan before I visited this school, but the food we cooked convinced me otherwise! We did the half day town class and I believe we got to cook 4 dishes, including a curry paste. This was a highlight of visiting Chiang Mai and honstly the best food I ate while in Thailand!

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Chiang Mai Zoo

The highlight of Chiang Mai Zoo had to be that we were able to hire golf carts to drive around, after a week or so on our feet everyday this was the best news! The zoo itself wasn’t overly exciting, we managed to see the new baby white lion cubs for about a minute while they were out on show. They were adorable and only a few weeks old. The rest of the Zoo was very average, the Orangutan didnt move, even when the zoo keepers were chucking food at it, but I did see a bear for the first time! Overall it was a fun morning out, but the most exciting part was the golf cart.
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One day in Bangkok

Our flight was cancelled and we put on a flight the next day, so this left us only one day to explore Bangkok. After arriving at 2am and getting to sleep around 4, we missed the floating markets but managed to visit Wat Arun, also known as Temple of the Dawn. It is a Buddhist temple by the river, having never experienced Buddhism I had no idea what to expect, but this temple is beautiful, unlike anything I’ve seen before.

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